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IVF Programs

Start with a simple conception assessment and let’s discuss the best option moving forward.

Personalized family planning

IUI, IVF, and More. Start with a simple conception assessment and let’s discuss the best option moving forward. This assessment is typically covered by most major insurance plans.

IUI treatment.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a fertility procedure that entails artificial insemination. During this process, specially prepared and concentrated sperm are carefully introduced directly into the uterus at the precise moment when your ovary releases one or more eggs, facilitating the fertilization process.

IVF procedure.

In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a comprehensive fertility procedure that employs a combination of medications and surgical techniques to facilitate the fertilization of an egg by sperm and support the subsequent implantation of the fertilized egg, or embryo, into the uterus. This process is swift and straightforward, typically not necessitating anesthesia.

LGBTQ+ care and more.

Family building can take various paths, and we provide a range of services to empower you with information and support throughout your journey. Whether you’re considering Reciprocal IVF, the use of Donor Eggs or Donor Sperm, or exploring the option of Gestational Carriers, our dedicated team is here to assist you on your distinct path to conception.

What to expect with Her Serenity.

An IVF cycle can take about one month from the day you begin your medication to pregnancy test. From ovarian stimulation to egg retrieval, procedure, semen preparation, fertilization and culture of the eggs, and the embryo transfer procedure.

Step 1

Attent a conception assessment.

Dive into your IVF options and journey with the support of our expert infertility specialists.

Step 2

Create your personalized plan.

Upon the completion of your initial IVF/conception assessment, our reproductive endocrinologist will work you to design a plan specific to your family planning goals. Head home with peace of mind and the at-home hormone injections you’ll need to begin the process.

Step 3

Start stimulation process (typically 2 weeks).

During the next two weeks at home, you will be giving yourself small at-home hormone injections to stimulate your ovaries. This process typically takes 10-14 days and is monitored through routine follow-ups, scans and blood tests to monitor your body’s response.

Once your hormones and follicles are at optimal levels, our fertility specialists will issue a trigger injection and your eggs will begin the ovulation cycle/process. This is typically 36-48 hours before your egg retrieval.

Step 4

Egg retrieval and sperm collection procedure.

This 10-15 minute sedation period will allow our specialists to collect your eggs. It is also likely that on this day, the male will provide a sperm sample for later fertilization.

Once the egg and sperm have been collected and analyzed by our embryologist, they will place both samples into an incubator for fertilization.

Step 5

Embryo transfer procedure (day 19-21)

Typically 3-5 days following the collection of your egg and sperm sample, the highest quality embryos are transferred back into your uterus. Any high-quality embryos may be frozen for a future pregnancy.

Please note that there are circumstances in which the recommended transfer of embryos is longer than 3-5 days.

Step 6

Take a pregnancy test (day 28-30)

Typically 10 days following the transfer, you’ll take a pregnancy test to check that embryo is developing into a fetus. From there, it is about support and monitoring.

Keep in mind, you may need to undergo several cycles of this process for a successful pregnancy.

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We have streamlined the fertility process so navigating it is easier and more affordable for you.


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