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Infertility Evaluation

A one-on-one private consultation to understand your goals, test your fertility hormones and take an ultrasound of your ovaries.

While fertility may not always be so crystal clear, our team are the experts so you do not have to be.

Start with a one-on-one personal fertility assessment and build a plan specific to you and your family planning goals.

Age is important.

Fertility and age go hand in hand. Get ahead and stay proactive.

Eggs are everything.

2 million eggs may seem like a lot but by the time we reach our first menstrual cycle, we are already down to 300,000-400,000 eggs. We can actually lose up to 1,000 eggs a month!

Quality means more than you think.

The quantity of our eggs is declining with age but so is the quality. The poorer the egg quality, the more likely of complications.

What to expect during your assessment.

Your initial fertility assessment is not only covered by insurance* but ensures all the time you’ll need with our fertility experts.

*Fertility assessments are covered by most major insurance plans. Some or all of the services may not be covered by your insurance plan.

Step 1

A blood test of the AMH hormone.

Hormones involved during your ovulation can measure the health of your ovarian reserve.

Step 2

A Vaginal Ultrasound.

This is our chance to count the remaining number of egg cells in your ovaries.

Step 3

A medical exam and chance to discuss your family history.

Every element is considered in both understanding and planning your family.

Step 4

A family planning and/or fertility plan specific to you and your goals.

From this point on, we are your team. Every. Step. of. The. way.

We Are The Fertility Experts So You Don’t Have To Be.

We have streamlined the fertility process so navigating it is easier and more affordable for you.


Schedule A Free Consultation

Speak to our licensed care coordinators who specialize in fertility about your fertility goals.


Let Us Do The Work For You

We set you up with leading fertility specialists who have the clinical expertise to fit your needs, and negotiate the lowest price on your behalf (for free).


Lean On Us Through Your Journey

Thrive through your fertility journey with the support of our community network including mental health, holistic medicine, nutrition, and so much more!

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Ready to start your fertility journey?