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Your Guiding Partner

Our driving mission, vision, and values.

Driven with love to handle the way women manage their mental and physical care, Her Serenity was founded on a mission to enable women to navigate fertility.

We are committed to helping you define, manage, and reach your fertility goals without unnecessary stress.

Plain and simple, wellness, fertility, and family planning should not come with the sacrifice of trust, convenience, and satisfaction. It was that simple belief that sparked our fire to reinvent the way parenthood was managed.

At Her Serenity, we combined our passion for helping families, our healthcare expertise, and refined community concept to build a carefully curated network of professionals who embody everything we believe in.

Our trusted and accessible network of wellness, fertility, and family planning specialists span the full spectrum of physical, mental, and emotional health.

We began by speaking to our community of patients and providers to better understand the services they needed most and then simply, reimagined the way they were delivered.

Fertility can now be navigated without frustration.

Removing the friction in fertility.

From family planning to expert treatment, and monitoring, we are the are the fertility experts. With over 50 years of combined clinical experience and thousands of successful patient outcomes, we’ve created long-lasting relationships with the leading labs, providers, and support services to make your journey a success.

Infertility Evaluation
IVF Programs
Egg & Embryo Freezing Programs
PRP (Ovarian Rejuvenation)
Sperm Tests & Evaluation
Genetic Screening (PGD) & Gender Selection (PGS)
Surrogacy Programs
Financing/ Financial Assistance
Egg Donor Programs

We Are The Fertility Experts So You Don’t Have To Be.

We have streamlined the fertility process so navigating it is easier and more affordable for you.


Schedule A Free Consultation

Speak to our licensed care coordinators who specialize in fertility about your fertility goals.


Let Us Do The Work For You

We set you up with leading fertility specialists who have the clinical expertise to fit your needs, and negotiate the lowest price on your behalf (for free).


Lean On Us Through Your Journey

Thrive through your fertility journey with the support of our community network including mental health, holistic medicine, nutrition, and so much more!

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Our Mission

To curate a network of wellness and fertility experts that collaborate in providing world-class and accessible care for those in need.

Our Vision

To become the source for wellness and fertility expertise around the globe. A supportive community in which patients and providers work together to redefine care through innovation, collaboration, and transparency.

Our Values

Trust, Transparency, Collaboration, Innovation, Accessibility, Expertise, Community, Love, Kindness, Education, Integration, Support, Convenience.

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Ready to start your fertility journey?